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Quite Funny

It's such a random idea, and it turned out to be amazing. Good animation, but it looked rushed at times. The sound was really good, and you picked fitting music.

4/5 :)

Teehee, funny.

Yay! Another AYB parody. But I actually enjoyed this one. Typical AYB parody, so I wouldn't rate it TOO high.

Good job. :P

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Quite Interesting

You're one of my favourite flash artists, and this lived up to the absurd randomness that you always put into your works.

The graphics were quite good. And certainly exemplary for this type of short film. The sound was also decent.

It was really random, and most likely drug induced... Good job!

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Awesome concept!

It does need a little bit of refining, because there's no sustain and it's quite difficult (for me, anyways) to get off quick notes in succession. It's such a great concept, though! I don't have a wireless keyboard, but if I did it would have been even better. Keep up the awesome work!

Just a good looking generic fighter.

While it DOES look good, it doesn't deserve to be so high on the list of the top5 of all time. The graphics are astounding, but the gameplay is very limited. There are bugs that need to be fixed. I thought the feeling of the hands was very sluggish. It was very hard to get different moves off. I just went around clicking furiously because I was fed up with it.

One of the best submissions I've seen on NG.

This is just an amazing piece of slash you've made. It's so much fun, that I've beaten it many times, but always come back for more. The physics are spot on, and I mean SPOT ON. They're fabulous. For some reason, the ways the levels are constructed and what the artwork looks like reminds of me Earthworm Jim on my old Sega. And the music is GREAT!

One question... in the first level, there appear to be the letters "ERAD" spelled out in the ground under the first gun toting guy. It's on the bottom. Any reason they're there? Or was it just some random accident?


5/5, no doubt.

Can't wait until the next installation!

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Made My Day

Haha, man that was hilarious. Yuo get serious kudos for making this. Pirates rock! Someone should make a music video, Flash style for this. It would be killer!


Needs to be longer.

I know you were just trying to make a loop, but it does need to be a bit longer. You can't really base anything off of that. And you need to fix the end so that it flows back into the beginning again.


I Love it!

For some reason, this track is just great. I don't know what it is about it, but I really like it. Good job, keep up the great work, mate.


CalebSkwerl responds:

I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the positive feedback :)


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